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The Association of Industrial Poultry – the voice of the poultry sector in Bulgaria (AIP) is a non-governmental organization with the main goal to unite micro, small, medium and large enterprises in the industry and encourage them to cooperate and help each other to increase competitiveness, economic growth and mutual assistance in the purchase of raw materials and the sale of products.    VISION
                                                                   Achieving a free, fair and empathetic society that helps, develops and presents Bulgarian poultry meat and eggs at a high technological and safe level on both the Bulgarian and foreign markets.   MISSION Chicken and eggs are the most preferred animal products on the Bulgarian market and the role of the “Association of Industrial Poultry” is to ensure that they reach the end user with the highest quality.The success of this sector is determined by knowledge and commitment to several key goals:

  • To make sure that the chicken and eggs provided to the Bulgarian and European consumers are healthy, high quality, safe and affordable.
  • To protect and defend the economic interests of poultry farmers and to help solve their problems.
  • To support the development of poultry farming to increase the capacity, to improve the quality and to increase the economic effect of the poultry production and for the future development of the sector.
  • To represent its members before the state administration, defending their interests and making proposals for solving problems.
  • To build connections and communication through partner organizations in Bulgaria and the European Union, in order to increase awareness and knowledge.

  The Association of Industrial Poultry is the voice of the poultry sector and is a reliable, open and responsible partner for all stakeholders in the poultrymeat and eggs sector, as well as the media and institutions.

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