Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a membership?

To become part of the poultry community and get full access to the information and mechanisms that the site offers.

What do I get with my membership in the Association?

Through your membership you get access to a community of poultry farmers who exchange information with each other, help each other and take advantage of a database with information, legal services, consulting services.

Why is it important to be part of the Association?

Once you become part of the Association of Industrial Poultry, you can count on help with problems, crises or other difficulties. The association will react in the fastest way by representing you and defending your interests.

What economic benefits will I receive if I become a member of the Association?

As a large community of companies, AIP can negotiate better prices and conditions for all types of raw materials according to the interests of its members. A study will be conducted and common markets in Bulgaria and the EU will be sought for a group of companies from the community.

What opportunities does AIP membership gives me?

  • Participate in the preparation of proposals for legislative changes.
  • Become part of corporate, sectoral, national and international business networks, incl. for implementation of projects and for implementation of business partnerships.
  • To get specialized expert help in the first steps of starting a business and its subsequent development or other types of difficulties.
  • To get help with analysis and research, in order to better plan your business, incl. macroeconomic and sectoral analyzes, research of foreign markets and market access, marketing research of the Bulgarian and foreign markets, etc.;
  • Receive regular and emergency information about changes in the legislation, the state and prospects of the Bulgarian and foreign markets, trade and production statistics, good practices in the field of economic management, human resources management, finance, environmental requirements, biosecurity, etc.


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